Individuals that wish to earn the Ohio State Master Gardener Volunteer designation are required to complete 50 hours of instructional education and 50 hours of community volunteer participation.  While progressing through the course, individuals are considered "Master Gardener Interns".

    Prerequisites For Participation

    • NONE!! ... Prior or expert knowledge in horticulture is NOT necessary to participate and enjoy the class.
    • Motivation to learn and dedication to volunteerism are the most important qualities in a Master Gardener candidate.

    Click Here for the Master Gardener Volunteer Application Packet

    Instructional Delivery and Environment

    • Demand for the class is very high, so please enroll early if you are seriously interested.
    • Class enrollment is limited in order to ensure interaction between class members and instructors.
    • The Master Gardener class consists of lectures, demonstrations, projects, field trips, hands-on activities, and completion of an individual portfolio or exam.
    • Instructors include Extension Agents, Industry Professionals, OSU Specialists and other experts.
    • Interns will receive instruction in areas such as:
      • Basic Botany
      • Annuals
      • Trees & Shrubs
      • Insects
      • Soils
      • Perennials
      • Lawncare
      • Integrated Pest Management
      • Plant Propagation
      • Vegetables
      • Diseases
      • Gardening and the Environment

    Program Requirements

    • A Master Gardener class program is held for 12 consecutive weeks. 
    • Classes beginning this fall 2022, will be held in the evening, dates & times to be announced. These sessions provide interns with ALL of the required educational hours.  Classes are conducted at the OSU Extension Office & on-site.
    • Additional educational hours can be earned by attending lectures or symposiums, going on field trips, and similar events.  Extension staff notify interns of local events that qualify for additional educational hours.
    • Interns must also complete 50 hours of volunteer service.  These hours can be earned at ongoing Master Gardener Volunteer projects.  However, interns are HIGHLY encouraged to develop their own projects that enable them to teach others about horticulture.
         NOTE:  Volunteer Activities designed or developed by Master Gardeners MUST be approved by Master Gardener Coordinator & Projects Committee to ensure that they meet the volunteer project requirements.
    • A fee is charged to cover class materials and texts.
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    Attendance is required at all instructional sessions.