MGV Programs and Events 

  •  Annual Plant Expo

Every year during May, the Master Gardeners of Stark County hold a Plant Expo at the Stark County Fairgrounds. The annual expo includes: (a) research-based gardening and agricultural information; (b) educational programs of local interest; and (c) a variety of plants offered for sale to the public.

The free event includes plants for sale, gardening seminars, and time with gardening experts. Proceeds from the sale benefit educational and community outreach programs, as well as provide trees for local Habitat for Humanity families.

Plant expo

  • Garden JAVA  

Thank you for visiting the Garden Java Recordings and Handouts. In this section you will find links to view the recordings and handouts of the Garden Java sessions beginning with the first session in April of 2020.  In order to view the recording, you will be asked to complete a brief registration.  Please review the statement below before clicking on the recording link.  You will only be able to view the recording once you have completed the required registration.

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  • Master Gardener Booth