Private pesticide applicators with a license to purchase and apply restricted use pesticides are required to attend 3 hours of recertification training every 3 years to maintain their license.  Private applicator license categories are Core (basic pesticide handling, application, safety, rules and regulations), 1: Grain and Cereal Field Crops, 2: Forage Crops and Livestock, 3: Fruit and Vegetable Crops, 4: Nursery and Forest Crops, 5: Greenhouse Crops, 6: Fumigation. 

Fertilizer applicator recertification is a one-hour program. For those who also have a pesticide license, your fertilizer certificate and recertification date/year should be synched to your pesticide license and is listed as category 15. 

Applicators are encouraged to arrive 15 to 20 minutes before the advertised program starting time, to allow for sign-in and picking up handout materials.  Please remember to bring your pesticide license or fertilizer card with you to the training session.

OSU Extension Stark County will offer private pesticide and fertilizer applicator recertification in 2021.  All courses at this time will be offered virtually beginning the week of February 22 and will be offered additionally the week of March 22 and April 22.  All private applicators will be receiving a letter in the mail detailing from our office with your options and the process in the next 2 weeks (based on mail delivery).  The phone number for the OSU Extension Stark County office was listed incorrectly in the contact list that you received with your license renewal mailing from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  The correct phone number for the OSU Extension Stark County office is 234-348-6001.  The direct number for Heather Neikirk, Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources is 234-348-6001, option #1.  She can also be reached at  Applicators with questions should feel free to contact Heather directly.

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