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Connecting The Ohio State University to Ohioans. OSU Extension is far reaching in the urban community.  With 11.7 million residents, Ohio is the seventh most populous state in the nation. More than 50% of Ohio residents live in 10 of the 88 counties. Ohio State University has a presence in all Ohio communitities and continues to advance engagment with rural, suburban and urban Ohioans. Check out the 2019 City Highlights Report.


Extension In The City…. SUCCESS STORIES:  David Crawford, Educator IV, OSU Extension, Stark County

Stark County 4-H After School, School, Out of School, Youth Serving Agencies.  4-H opportunities are delivered to youth through teacher and volunteer delivery of 4-H Curricula, such as 4-H Chick Quest, Rockets Away, Ten Minute STEM Science are available.  4-H activities have been implemented at Charter schools, after school activities, schools, SMHA and several youth serving nonprofits. Contact David Crawford, 4-H Educator, at Crawford.228@osu.edu for further information.

4-H Chick Quest  https://ohio4h.org/chickquest


4-H Rockets Away, 2 Liter Pop Bottle Rocket  https://ohio4h.org/rocketsaway


Recommended for teachers and other group leaders, this popular favorite is now up-to-date and more effective than ever at teaching the concepts of forces and motion via rocketry. The project's exciting conclusion is building and launching 2-liter bottle water rockets. A Rockets Away Student Logbook is required for each student. A bottle-rocket launcher may be available from your county Extension office

rockets away

weGrill Fatherhood & Adolescent Program: 4-H Grilling and Beyond: Cultivating Healthy Fathers, Kids, and Communities (weGrill) (2013-17).  This was a USDACYFAR funded research project and program which focus on fatherhood and adolescent relationships, nutrition/food safety and grilling.  Fatherhood education has the potential to affect not only fathers' nurturant behaviors but also multiple dimensions of family life. The weGrill program blended fatherhood, youth development, and nutrition education, with food grilling as the focal activity. Grounded in multiple learning theories, the program helped fathers and their adolescent children learn broadly about family life topics, planning for the future, and nutrition and healthful food behaviors. The program represents a re-envisioned approach to fatherhood education. This effort was led by Dr. James Bates, OSU, FSC Specialist, as Principal Investigator.