May 23, 2019 - 3:57pm --

Stark County 4-H Advisors, Members and Families planning to enter and show at the 2019 Ohio State Fair in the following species- Market- goat, lamb, swine and dairy feeder:

Ohio State Fair Ownership date changed for many species for 2019. Make sure you review ALL 2019 OSF rules, guidelines and deadlines AND have your documents current and meet the ownership date for 2019 OSF Participation as listed on the State Fair website. Please note the date change for market goat, lamb, swine and dairy feeder listed on the Ohio State Fair Livestock page for ownership dates of May 26, 2019. You may be required to show proof of ownership by OSF or 4-H professional. Please make sure all 4-H members/families have receipts for purchase or ownership registration for each livestock animal, as noted, if you will participate in the 2019 Ohio State Fair Jr Livestock Divisions. You should maintain ownership records for your files if you are participating in the 2019 Ohio State Fair. Our Stark County Jr Fair Tag In is for the Stark County Jr Fair Competition only, does not designate ownership date. 

Please make sure to read, review and follow all 2019 OSF Livestock Rules, entry information and guidelines for your species:

2019 OSF Livestock Exhibitor general rules/guidelines:

Ohio State Fair Livestock entry deadline is June 20-- online entries only.


2019 OSF- Livestock General Rules & Regulations:

“B (6) All market and breeding animals exhibited at the Ohio State Fair must be fully owned by the exhibitor as evidenced by a bill of sale or registration, including all showing rights, and in the complete custody and care of the exhibitor on or before June 1 (breeding animals), May 26, (market animals) except for Market Beef, which is January 1 of the year of the competition. Ownership of an animal shall be considered lost if the animal has been consigned or lost after the applicable date even if the animal is bought back by the exhibitor.”

Livestock animal ownership changes for 2019 announced

In order to be more consistent with statewide livestock exhibition ownership rules, the Ohio State Fair has modified ownership rules beginning with animals exhibited at the 2019 Ohio State Fair. To help prepare exhibitors for this change, a list of these modified dates are below:

Market animals – Some ownership dates changed for the 2019 Ohio State Fair 

  • Market beef – January 1
  • Market swine – May 26 (changed for 2019)
  • Market lambs – May 26 (changed for 2019)
  • Market goats – May 26 (changed for 2019)
  • Dairy feeders – May 26 (changed for 2019)
  • Market rabbits – June 1
  • Market poultry – within 5 days of hatch (changed for 2019)

Thanks for all you do!


David Crawford